Our mission

Close your eyes. Remember the moment when you were so inspired by someone or something, the time stopped. You couldn’t feel the floor under your feet. Remember the butterflies in your stomach and that fiery energy streaming through your heart.

That was pure magic.

We believe in this magical feeling to be the most essential state of living. When you have it – we celebrate it. When you strive to get it back – we help you in the most wonderful way possible: through travel and self-exploration.

Each experience makes some difference.

Our mission is to beMORE impactful in the shortest period of time.


There is so much I want to share with you. But first things first:

Hi! I’m Alsu.

I was born and raised in a big & beautiful Russia. At the age of 20 I had a calling to change my life completely. My change happened through traveling to the US. I worked hundreds of jobs, met thousands of people and acquired a million ideas and techniques how to be and stay hungry for life. All ideas fell into one BIG plan – a company that helps people break free, transform and get excited about every moment of every day.

I love my life. I want you to fall in love with yours.

Connect with me and let’s make that change happen.